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From left: Jamie-Leigh Job, Megan Lane and Ryan Beavon.

On Monday, three Parel Vallei-ers were presented with President’s Awards. The mission of the President’s Award programme is to empower young people between the ages of 14 to 25, by providing a balanced, non-competitive framework for self-development that will enhance their capacity to achieve in whatever context they find themselves, enabling them to become active and responsible citizens. 

To complete this programme, learners must take part in activities consisting of four pillars:

  • skills development,
  • physical recreation,
  • community service and
  • an adventurous journey

Bronze Level Awards were awarded to Ryan Beavon and Jamie-Leigh Job.

To achieve a Bronze Level Award, a participant must complete three months in the areas of physical recreation, skills and service. One of these areas must extend over six months. They must also undertake an adventurous journey over two days and one night.

Ryan Beavon received a Bronze Award for the following activities: 

·             community service to Hospice and Cub-Scouts SA,

·             clarinet as his skill,

·             hockey and Park Run as his  physical recreation and

·             a Table Mountain Hike over two days and one night as his adventurous journey.

Jamie-Leigh Job received a Bronze Award for the following activities: 

·             community service to Township Animal Rescue and the Stellenbosch Medi-clinic,

·             AP Maths as her skill,

·             hockey as her physical recreation and

·             a Cape Point Hike over two days and one night as her  adventurous journey.

To achieve a Silver Level Award, a participant must complete six months in all four areas and the adventurous journey must extend over three days and two nights.

Megan Lane received a Silver Award for the following activities:

·             community service to the Brownies (a section of Girl Guides) and the Herald Mission Trip,

·             participation in the Dramatics Drama Academy as her skill,

·             hockey as her physical recreation and

·             a Cederberg Mountain range hike over eleven days and ten nights as her adventurous journey. 

Parel Vallei is proud to be a part of this international programme that has played such a big role in bringing about change in the lives of over 130,000 young people in South Africa since 1983.

30-Jan-2018 | PV’s passionate Film Appreciation group

From left:  Jessica Mol, Erika van der Merwe and Nina Andro.

On Sunday 28 January, Parel Vallei’s relatively small but very passionate Film Appreciation group went to Cape Town to watch the critically acclaimed film The Shape of Water by director Guillermo del Torro. The group of three learners and Miss Botha opted to see the film at the beautiful Labia Theatre in Orange Street, which remains one of the very few independent movie theatres in the country. After enjoying lunch in Long Street (which included grabbing sorbets and gelato ice-creams on the way back) they made their way into the cinema and couldn’t wait for the lights to dim and for the show to start. The group was enthralled by the aesthetics of the film, based in America during the cold war, and how the director expertly shaped the mood of the film through his camera angles, colour scheme and musical score. The lead actress, Sally Hawkins, was outstanding as the mute protagonist, Eliza, and the complexity of each character in general resulted in much discussion between all who saw the film. The thirteen Academy Award nominations that this film received were certainly well-deserved.

For those who love film the only thing better than watching an amazing piece of cinema, is watching an amazing piece of cinema with a group of people who appreciate it as much as you do. Future trips to The Labia will therefore definitely be organised and there is a sincere hope that Parel Vallei will see it’s Film Appreciation group grow over the next year.

(PV learners that would like to form part of this group are welcome to contact Miss Botha: mbotha@pvallei.co.za)

29-Jan-2018 | Interhouse Athletics Results 2018

On the 25th and 26th of January all athletes and supporters participated in true BLUE THREAD spirit and gave their best for their individual sport houses: Stella, Alberdeen and Nassau.

20 new records were set and the day even saw staff participating in a race or two…

Congratulations to house STELLA who were the overall winners of the ATHLETICS TROPHY. (House Stella won with 956 points, with Nassau in second place with 874 points and Aberdeen third with 866 points).  

This year house ABERDEEN won the SPIRIT CUP! This house really stood together with pride and passion and their commitment could be seen all through the day! (Stella came second and Nassau third).

 Thank you to Mrs Kets and her team for organizing this great event each year and for giving Parel Valleiers the opportunity to realize their full potential…

PV’s top athletes

From left: Senior Victor Ludorum: Kyle Slater; Senior Victrix Ludorum: Rachel Kaps (she set 2 new records and had 5 first places); Mr D Schenck (headmaster); Mrs Eunice Kets (Head of sport PV); Junior Victor: Jayden Daniels (he set 4 new records and had 5 first places); Junior Victrix Ludorum: Amy Jacobs (5 first places).

Aberdeen’s proud cheerleaders!

New records were set by:



Previous Record

Time/ Distance

New Record

Time/ Distance

Boys u/14

300m Hurdles

Jayden Daniels

Luca Kolatsis




Boys u/14

90m Hurdles

Jayden Daniels

Luca Kolatsis




Boys u/14


Jayden Daniels



Boys u/14


Jayden Daniels



Boys u/14

5km Walk

Christiaan Engelbreght



Boys u/14





Girls u/14

Long Jump

Amy Jacobs



Girls u/14

90m Hurdles

Amy Jacobs



Girls u/14


Rebekah Diedericks



Boys u/15

High Jump

Gauth Yon



Boys u/15


Lesley de Lange



Boys u/15


Lesley de Lange



Boys u/17


Shane Robberts



Boys u/17


Nicolaas Goble



Girls u/19


Skye Boshoff



Girls u/19

1 500m

Rachel Kaps



Girls u/19


Rachel Kaps



Girls u/19

Shot Put

Skye Boshoff




**More photos under GALLERY (on the Communicator).

26-Jan-2018 | A European experience of note!

Written by: Miss Taryn Nel and Mrs Riette Viljoen; PV teachers and the organizers of the German Exchange programme.

Over the December holidays 20 of our students were lucky enough to take part in a European experience in the German Exchange. After a warm welcome in Memmingen, the students were hosted by families from the Bernhard Strigel Gymnasium. We attended classes for a week and were also treated to a typical German Christmas and other festive customs.  The students had the opportunity to learn how to ski and ice skate. They were also able attend traditional Christmas markets, museums, and art galleries and were even fortunate enough to meet the Mayor.

Once we had bid farewell to new friends, we made our way to Prague. There we spent New Year’s Eve enjoying folk music, traditional Czech dancing and a dazzling display of fireworks. We went on a tour of the magnificent, old, golden city and saw amazing sights. These included Charles Bridge, Prague Castle, the Astronomical Clock, and Jewish Quarters and we savoured the Trdelnik.

We entered the New Year on our way to Berlin, where we visited the Brandenburg Gate, Checkpoint Charlie, Museum Island, East Side Gallery and the Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp. The historical city lived up to its expectations! The students had a wonderful time and were on their best behaviour throughout, making us proud to be a part of Parel Vallei.

We are excited to welcome our new German friends to stay with us in South Africa between the 25th of March and 12th of April, where we will show them our warm South African hospitality.

24-Jan-2018 | Merietetoekennings en Top 10-vakprestasies

Parel Vallei is wéér een van die Nasionale Senior Sertifikaat (NSS)-topskole in die Wes-Kaap en is bekroon met die volgende merietetoekennings en vakprestasies: 

8 WKOD Top 10-vakprestasies word behaal: 

·  Besigheidstudies: Kirsten Moffitt – 4de.

·  Verbruikerstudies: Katja Majewski – 4de en Stephania Kolatsis – 8ste.

·  Ingenieursgrafika en –ontwerp: Stefan le Roux – 5de.

·  Ontwerp, Sarah Swanepoel: 6de.

·  Lewenswetenskappe, Chanél Roos: 8ste.

·  Informasietegnologie, Charl du Toit: 10de.

·  Rekeningkunde, Chanél Roos: 10de. 

Wes-Kaap merietetoekennings:

· een van die topskole: 12de in die Wes-Kaap;

· grootste vordering in Inligtingstegnologie en

· 2 leerders, Chanél Roos en Juan Swanepoel haal, die Minister se Top Meriete-lys!

Van links: me Anetha Prinsloo (graad 12-graadhoof ), mnr David Schenck (skoolhoof), Chanél Roos, Juan Swanepoel en Debbie Schäfer (Wes-Kaapse Minister van Onderwys).

22-Jan-2018 | BLUE THREAD BASH


16-Jan-2018 | ‘n Hartlike BLUE THREAD-welkom!

Parel Vallei is opgewonde oor die nuwe, bekwame onderwysers wat by ons aansluit! Ons hoop dat hulle baie gelukkig sal wees en hulself ten volle en met uitnemendheid sal uitleef  in alles wat hulle aanpak.

Agter, van links na regs: Darryl Spijkers (Drama), Wernhard van Rooyen (IT), Chrisna Alberts (Netbal), Meagan Jackman (Lewensoriëntering), Jonathan Schenck (Geografie).

Voor: Madeleine Wessels (Wiskunde),  Liana Kriel, (Wiskundige Geletterdheid), Jo-Ann Franken (Fisiese Wetenskappe), Theresa Brown (sekretaresse), Adel van Wyk (Afrikaans).

05-Jan-2018 | MATRIC RESULTS


Matric merit list:


Tydens 'n baie belangrike strategiese sessie in 1997 het die personeel, bestuur en beheerliggaam met erns die toekoms van ons skool beplan.

Na baie sinvolle gesprek en beraadslaging het ons tot die gevolgtrekking gekom dat ons 'n tyd van groot verandering tegemoetgaan. Ons was op die drumpel van die bekendstelling van UGO (Uitkomsgebaseerde Onderwys) en het besef dat die een konstante in die toekoms verandering sal wees!

Ons was reeds baie trots op ons akademiese uitnemendheid en het hard gewerk om sport en kultuur tot op dieselfde vlak as die akademie te bring. Rondom die tafel het ons ons visie vir die toekoms neergepen "Uitnemendheid in 'n veranderende wêreld"

Sedert daardie baie belangrike besprekings is ons oneindig trots om te kan sê dat ons werklik uitnemendheid bereik in ons immer veranderende omgewing.

Sowat 10 jaar gelede het ek en my vrou 'n verhoogproduksie bygewoon van die musiekblyspel 'Evita' wat die lewe van Evita Peron, vrou van die voormalige president van Argentinië, uitbeeld. Tydens die produksie sê Evita in 'n baie uitdagende oomblik 'Ek is trots om 'n Argentyn te wees.

Daardie tyd by die skool het ek gewonder oor maniere waarmee ek 'n trots in die skool kon ontketen. Hoewel baie van ons leerlinge oor geweldige talent beskik, het hulle dikwels ontbreek aan vertroue en was byna te bang om trots in hulself of hul skool te wys. Ek het Evita se woorde geneem en ons eie naam ingevoeg en so uitgekom by “Trots om 'n Parel Valleier te wees”. Ek het die leerders gemotiveer en aangemoedig om die konsep hul eie te maak en trots te wees in hulself en in wat hulle doen, maar sonder om arrogant te wees.

Ons het ook begin om hierdie slagspreuk te gebruik as voetnota op al ons uitgaande pos en op ons briefhoofde. Interessant genoeg, sommige van die graad 8's, wanneer hulle die vraag beantwoord in hul klein toets oor die leuse van die skool, sê dat, 'Trots om 'n Parel Valleier te wees' is die skool se leuse in plaas van die werklike leuse 'Sapientia et intellegentia. ' Mag hierdie slagspreuk lank leef in die harte en gedagtes van ons leerders en kan mag hulle altyd trots voel om 'n Parel Valleier te wees.

Ettienne Gouws