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Message from the Governing Body

What a privilege it is to be involved in one of the top schools in the Western Cape/country!

Our school’s motto, “Excellence in a changing world”, has been guiding our school for the past thirty years.

Excellence is not a skill; it is a habit.

The Governing Body wants to ensure that excellence will be attained at every level of the school.

To the educators of Parel Vallei High School:

This task is facilitated by the continued dedication of the principal, senior management team and educators.  We value the consistent passion so evident in the carrying out of your duties.

We are a product of our choices.

My heartfelt thanks go to the previous governing bodies for the choices they made. The Parel Vallei product shines on every level: academics, culture and sport. Our task of directing PV has been made so much lighter.

To the learners:

You are the hub of the school. The Governing Body is supremely aware of the fact that any decisions made by us should benefit you.

To the parents:

Thank you for entrusting your child to PV to bring out only the best in him/her. Your support and passion are most important to make this a reality. Thank you for your financial support. Without this we would not be able to maintain the quality of teaching and facilities from which we now benefit.

To future parents:

PV is committed to ensuring that your child develops intellectually, physically and spiritually in his/her unique way – we are not a school of mass production churning out clones according to a set image. The emphasis is on the individual who will emerge from a PV education as a distinctive product in his/her own right.

To past pupils:

PV IS 30!

We look back at rich traditions and look forward to continued co-operation with the PV Union.

We look forward to serving PV.

Best wishes

Ian Malherbe Proud Parel Valleier!

Dr I Malherbe - chairman 

Parel Valle se nuwe Beheerliggaam

Baie geluk aan die nuutverkose Beheerliggaam! Mag julle die nodige wysheid en insig ontvang om die ouers, leerders en onderwysers van ons skool te lei na uitnemendheid in die veranderende wêreld waarin ons leef.

Weet dat ons julle ondersteun en trots is daarop dat julle dié groot taak met baie ywer sal aanpak. 


Agter: me M du Preez (opvoeder), mnr B van Rensburg (voorsitter), mnr Johan van der Spuy, mnr Richard Tough (onder-voorsitter), me M Boshoff (gekoöpteerde sekretaresse), mnr W Steenkamp (opvoeder).

Voor: mnr M Botha (tesourier), me Deidre Hindley, mnr D Schenck (skoolhoof), Sophia Warner, mnr K van Wyk.

Die skool se twee hoofprefekte, Nicole de Lorme en Arend Moelich, vorm ook deel van die Beheerliggaam. 

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  • Governing Body 2016

    Back: Mnr M Botha (treasurer), mnr W Steenkamp (educator), mnr K van Wyk, mnr A Buÿs, mnr S Helders, mnr H du Toit, mnr A Muller (deputy-principal). 

    Middle: Me M du Preez (educator), me M Boshoff (co-opted secretary), me Y Gerber (non-educator). 

    Front: Mnr D Schenck (headmaster), E Gouws (head boy), dr I Malherbe (chairman), C. Werrheim (head girl), mnr B van Rensburg (vice-chairman). 


    Governing Body 2015

    Back: Mr W. Steenkamp (educator), Mr B. van Rensburg (vice-chairman), Mr A. Muller (deputy-principal), Mr A. Buÿs, Dr I. Malherbe (chairman), Mr K. van Wyk, Mr H. du Toit, Mr S. Helders.

    Front: Mrs M. Boshoff (co-opted secretary), Mrs Y. Gerber (non-educator), Miss A. Ward (head girl),    Mr D. Schenck (headmaster), Mr J. Gericke (head boy), Mrs M. du Preez (educator), Mr M. Botha (treasurer).


In 1997 we had a very important strategic session during which the staff, management and Governing Body plotted the future of our school.

After very meaningful discussions and deliberation, we came to the conclusion that we were entering a time of huge change. We were on the threshold of introducing OBE (Outcome Based Education) and realised that the one constant going into the future would be change!

We were very proud of our academic excellence and were working hard at bringing sport and culture up to the same level as the academics. Around the table we penned our Vision for the future: "EXCELLENCE IN A CHANGING WORLD"

Since those very important discussions we are very proud to be able to say that we really do achieve excellence in our ever changing environment.

Some 10 years ago my wife and I attended a stage production of the musical ‘Evita’ which depicted the life of Evita Peron, wife of the Past President of Argentina.
During the show, Evita says, in a very defiant moment: "I’m proud to be and Argentinian."

At school at the time, I was thinking about ways in which I could spark off some pride in the school. Although many of our pupils had tremendous talent, they were often lacking in confidence and were almost scared to show pride in themselves or their school. I took Evita’s words and entered our own name and got: "Proud to be a Parel Valleier". I motivated and encouraged pupils to buy into the concept of having pride in themselves and in what they do but without being arrogant.

We also started to use this slogan on the foot of all our outgoing mail and on our letterheads. Interestingly, some of the grade 8’s, when they answer the question in their little test about the motto of the school, say that, “Proud to be a Parel Valleier” is the school’s motto instead of the real motto "Sapientia et intellegentia."

Long may this slogan live in the hearts and minds of our learners and may they always be "Proud to be a Parel Valleier".

Ettienne Gouws