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Rugby has been played at PV since the school’s inception
In 2014, a management decision was made to focus more on rugby and to bring this sport onto the same level as all the other activities in the school.
With the appointment of Mr Thinus Pienaar as rugby head, the school started to implement a rugby organizational structure and foundation that runs parallel to the school’s mission, in providing a balanced education, achieved through a high-performance and result-driven sports’ programme. Parel Vallei Rugby strives to nurture and develop individual talent in an arena that promotes teamwork, sportsmanship, respect, discipline and humility.

Key goals were set out for phase 1:
• Post-season training programmes;
• Pre-season strength and conditioning;
• Parents’ rugby committee selected and functioning;
• All coaches were interviewed and selected on merit before placed within a team;
• Regular local and international experienced guest coaches invited to share their rugby knowledge;
• Pre-season motivational sessions;
• Team-building camps for players and their dads;
• Co-ordinating coaches’ qualifications and the facilitation of courses for coaches;
• Major cash sponsorships for new rugby equipment;
• Regular rugby committee, coaches and individual player meetings;
• The partnering with a rugby analysis software company for accurate statistics to better our game plan;
• Intense marketing drive aimed at junior recruitment in primary schools;
• Instilling a new rugby mindset and approach within the school to form Parel Vallei RUGBY unity;
• And most of all: absolute faith, trust and hard work!

We are proud to announce that ALL of the goals as stated above have been reached. We have expanded our rugby programme from 6 teams in 2014 to 9 teams in 2016!

Tournaments played:
KWAGGA Week 2015/2016 (under 14/15).
SCST u/ 19 Rugby week 2015/16.

Top rugby players (to date):
Hayden Groepes (SA Rugby 2015/6).
Cwengile Jadezweni (SARU Panel Referee).

Achievements of 2015:
Our first year (2015) ended on a high note for us with a nationwide overall ranking of 54th in South Africa! Co-ed. ranking of 23rd! According to a leading SA School Sports’ website! To read more: http://www.saschoolsports.co.za/rugby/national/rugby-the-combined-rugby-rankings-for-2015.html
PV u/14 – Ranked 62
PV u/15 – Ranked 53
PV u/19 – Ranked 76
Achievements of 2016:
The most successful season to date, in the Parel Vallei High Schools short rugby history! The SA School Sports National Rugby Rankings underpins this statement and confirms a definite upward surge in performance and results across the board, with the Bulldog 1st XV at number 29 in South Africa!

Herewith the other ranked age groups on SASS:
Under 14A at number 54
Under 15A at number 46
Under 19A at number 29
Our 5 year transformation plan in placing Parel Vallei on the rugby map and establishing the school as a force within high school rugby in the Western Cape is well underway, even slightly ahead, especially after the release of the renowned ruggas.co.za national rankings. PV is the 33rd Top 50 rugby school in South Africa! Next year we will even work harder be more innovative and excel!

Annual tournaments:
Boland Landbou Rugby Day - Paarl
WBHS Rugby Festival – Wynberg Boys High, C.T.

The introduction braai:
Before the season kicks off, all players, coaches and parents get together and have a braai to set goals for the year to come, socialize and have some fun together!
The highlight of the year: The rugby camp for players and their dads in March!

To be a Top 20 rugby school!
We strive to teach our rugby players to be ambassadors on and off the field, at all times.
Behind the scenes extensive future planning and preparation is ongoing to ensure that we achieve our long term goals and aspirations.

Head of rugby:
Mr. Thinus Pienaar


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In 1997 we had a very important strategic session during which the staff, management and Governing Body plotted the future of our school.

After very meaningful discussions and deliberation, we came to the conclusion that we were entering a time of huge change. We were on the threshold of introducing OBE (Outcome Based Education) and realised that the one constant going into the future would be change!

We were very proud of our academic excellence and were working hard at bringing sport and culture up to the same level as the academics. Around the table we penned our Vision for the future: "EXCELLENCE IN A CHANGING WORLD"

Since those very important discussions we are very proud to be able to say that we really do achieve excellence in our ever changing environment.

Some 10 years ago my wife and I attended a stage production of the musical ‘Evita’ which depicted the life of Evita Peron, wife of the Past President of Argentina.
During the show, Evita says, in a very defiant moment: "I’m proud to be and Argentinian."

At school at the time, I was thinking about ways in which I could spark off some pride in the school. Although many of our pupils had tremendous talent, they were often lacking in confidence and were almost scared to show pride in themselves or their school. I took Evita’s words and entered our own name and got: "Proud to be a Parel Valleier". I motivated and encouraged pupils to buy into the concept of having pride in themselves and in what they do but without being arrogant.

We also started to use this slogan on the foot of all our outgoing mail and on our letterheads. Interestingly, some of the grade 8’s, when they answer the question in their little test about the motto of the school, say that, “Proud to be a Parel Valleier” is the school’s motto instead of the real motto "Sapientia et intellegentia."

Long may this slogan live in the hearts and minds of our learners and may they always be "Proud to be a Parel Valleier".

Ettienne Gouws