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Parel Vallei is well known in school circles for its excellent standard of hockey; an achievement of which we are extremely proud. Hockey is indeed one of the strongest sports in the school’s sporting portfolio. Both girls’ and boys’ hockey has been offered at Parel Vallei since the school’s inception and within a few years has developed to accommodate 26 teams.

Much of the reason for the sport’s success is the result of the passion and drive with which Mrs Kets and Mr Traut have managed the hockey portfolio, having worked at the school for 30 years and 13 years respectively, and dedicating much time and effort to the sport’s development. Mrs Kets, herself, is still active as a hockey player at masters’ level and is a member of the masters’ team, Somerset West Club. In the past she has also made a name for herself participating at provincial level.

Parel Vallei’s impeccably managed sports’ fields also provide ample opportunity for participants to excel at hockey.  The school built the Astroturf field in 2012 thanks to the efforts of Mr Andy Mallet of the Parents’ Hockey Committee, becoming the first school in the Helderberg Basin to boast an Astroturf.

Parel Vallei has managed to compete at top level in just more than three decades of commencing with the hockey programme, with the support of Mr Martin Schouten and Mr Jarred Pitout (both SAHA level 2 coaches).

 It is wonderful to think that this solid base lays the foundation for potentially greater things!


Parel Vallei’s girls’ team were the inaugural winners of the Chris Brothers International Tournament, which is held annually in Cape Town, and they continue to take first place in the second year of the tournament as well. They remain strong contenders for the crown each year.

In 2015 the girls’ U19 team won the coveted Elsie Coetzer Tournament in Bloemfontein.

Parel Vallei participated in the Kingswood College Tournament for the first time in 2016, completing the event undefeated! They also boast with participation in the Western Cape Spar Hockey Challenge for girls, ending in the top eight for the second year running.

The Parel Vallei boys’ team also participate in annual tournaments. Each year, they participate in the Chris Brothers International and have also won the Fairmont 2016 tournament, among other notable achievements.

Hockey: our u/18 hockey girls win both the Fairmont and Kingswood Hockey tournaments. During the international Spur Hockey Tournament, our girls place second and went on to WIN the Investec hockey tournament. During the Fairmont tournament, PV is also awarded Best co-ed school.

32 Parel Valleiers were selected for Boland hockey sides.

Our u/18 hockey girls ended second and won the silver medal at the Cape Town International Schools' Hockey Festival. During the Investec Hockey Festival, this team placed second overall. These girls rank 16th and our u/18 boys 55th, nationally;

In the u/16 category, our boys and girls ended in top 12 positions.

At the end of term one, more than forty Parel Valleiers had the privilege of visiting the Netherlands as part of the PV hockey tour for thirteen days to play against well-known Dutch hockey clubs while exploring the Netherlands.

Both girls’ and boys’ teams have also toured extensively overseas including trips to Zimbabwe, England, Scotland, Wales, Germany, France and Switzerland.


A number of Parel Vallei hockey players have earned their National Colours:

Robynne Jacobs (U16, U18)
Megan Robertson (U18, U21)
Louise Wentzel (U18)
Salome Engelbrecht (U18)
Tatum George (U16)
Trudy Lambrechts (U16)
Samantha Sandham (U18)
Pippa Rabey (U18, U21 & Senior)
Jade Mayne (U16, U18, U21 & Senior)
Alegra Dijkstra (U18,U21)
Chris Hawkridge (U18, U21)
Rebecca Kaps (U16 and U18)
Rachel Kaps (U18)
Josefine Hjalmner (U16)
Jade Southon (U16)
Caitlin Odendaal (U18)


Each year Parel Vallei hosts a hockey camp for U13 and U14 girls. Six teams are invited and receive top coaching over a four day period. Our players enjoy these camps immensely and they remain a highlight on the annual hockey calendar.

PV’s U19 team gives back to the community by hosting coaching clinics throughout the year for primary school learners, for example the one presented to Beaumont Primary learners.

Each year a coaching course for referees is offered to coaches and players which remains very popular.

During the 1st and 4th terms, ‘high performance’ coaching is offered to all hockey players. Grade 7 learners who are enrolled to attend Parel Vallei the following year are also invited to attend these sessions.

In the off-season, an eight-a-side tournament is presented for all school learners and indoor hockey games are also enjoyed by learners.


We strive for our boys’ and girls’ teams to be in the top ten schools in the country.
We aim to continuously provide excellent training and exposure to our hockey players so that they may reach their full potential. We want to enable them to compete at the highest level, reaching their goals both as individuals and as part of a team.


Head of Girls’ Hockey: Mrs  Eunice Kets

Head of Boys’ Hockey: Mr Hilton Traut


1st BOYS’ HOCKEY TEAM – 2018


1st BOYS’ HOCKEY TEAM – 2017

1st Girls’ Hockey Team - 2016

Left to right:
Jarred Pitout (afrigter), Carla Steyn, Liza Fortuin, Josefine Hjalmner, Shannon Barry, Samantha Smuts, Caitlin Odendaal, Shayna Rawson, Ashley de Villiers, Skye Boshoff, Mas’oodah Bazier, Rachel Kaps, Megan Kreft, Rebecca Kaps, Hayley Prinsloo, Patricia Potgieter, Jade Southon.

1st Boys’ Hockey Team - 2016

Left to right:
James Holmes, Coetzee Koegelenberg, Dillon Austin, Jannes de Necker, Andrew Lobi, Jean-Luc Bufé, Chad Brinkhuys, Nicholas Lobi, Riccardo Trenti, Christiaan Nieuwoudt, Matheu Quinn, Michael Ttrent, Matthew Wolmerans, Matthew Weideman, Hilton Traut (coach)

In 1997 we had a very important strategic session during which the staff, management and Governing Body plotted the future of our school.

After very meaningful discussions and deliberation, we came to the conclusion that we were entering a time of huge change. We were on the threshold of introducing OBE (Outcome Based Education) and realised that the one constant going into the future would be change!

We were very proud of our academic excellence and were working hard at bringing sport and culture up to the same level as the academics. Around the table we penned our Vision for the future: "EXCELLENCE IN A CHANGING WORLD"

Since those very important discussions we are very proud to be able to say that we really do achieve excellence in our ever changing environment.

Some 10 years ago my wife and I attended a stage production of the musical ‘Evita’ which depicted the life of Evita Peron, wife of the Past President of Argentina.
During the show, Evita says, in a very defiant moment: "I’m proud to be and Argentinian."

At school at the time, I was thinking about ways in which I could spark off some pride in the school. Although many of our pupils had tremendous talent, they were often lacking in confidence and were almost scared to show pride in themselves or their school. I took Evita’s words and entered our own name and got: "Proud to be a Parel Valleier". I motivated and encouraged pupils to buy into the concept of having pride in themselves and in what they do but without being arrogant.

We also started to use this slogan on the foot of all our outgoing mail and on our letterheads. Interestingly, some of the grade 8’s, when they answer the question in their little test about the motto of the school, say that, “Proud to be a Parel Valleier” is the school’s motto instead of the real motto "Sapientia et intellegentia."

Long may this slogan live in the hearts and minds of our learners and may they always be "Proud to be a Parel Valleier".

Ettienne Gouws