Spoken Word


To inspire and develop leaders both present and future as they explore discursive and argumentative formats learning to orate and prepare.


  • English Debating
  • Afrikaans Debat
  • Public Speaking
  • Redenaars


  • Radikale Redenaars
  • ATKV Redenaars
  • Oppietongaf
  • ATKV Digipraat
  • Stellenbosch Eisteddfod
  • Helderberg Eisteddfod
  • Toespraakaand
  • Dink-of-Sink Debat 
  • D.F.Malan Debat
  • Con Spirito 
  • Friendly Interschool Debates
  • Boland Debating League 
  • WP Provincial Debating Tournament 
  • Pearson Derby
  • Inter-house Debating 

POEM: Parel Vallei

In Cape Town’s embrace, a school stands tall,
Parel Vallei High, loved by one and all.
With knowledge and dreams, they light the way,
Guiding students through each and every day.

Teachers who inspire, with passion they teach,
Helping students achieve goals withing their reach.
From classrooms to fields, talents come alive,
In sports and the arts, they truly strive.

Friendships are forged, memories are made,
In Parel Vallei’s halls, a vibrant parade.
With unity and pride, they stand as one,
A community shining brightly like the sun.

So here’s to Parel Vallei, a school so grand,
A place where dreams flourish, where futures expand.
May the spirit endure, forever strong and true,
Parel Vallei High School, we celebrate you!


Vicky Kleinhans